[Answer Added] Oppo F5 Amazon Quiz

OPPO F5 QUIZ from amazon play this quiz and win a oppo F5.

⏺️Open Amazon App.

⏺️On The Front Page You Will See The Banner To Play Oppo F5 Quiz.

⏺️ Click On The Banner It Will automatically Start The Quiz

Answers Of the Quiz:-

1. The OPPO F5 comes with a 16 MP primary camera and __ MP front-facing camera. Fill in the blanks.
➡️Answer – (b) 20 MP
2. Which of these phrases is associated with brand OPPO?
➡️Answer – (d) Capture the real you
3. The OPPO F5 is packed with how much RAM?
➡️Answer – (c) 4GB
4. What is OPPO’s fast charging technology called?
➡️Answer – (a) VOOC Flash Charging
5. Which of the following is NOT a feature of OPPO F5?
➡️Answer – (b) Rotating Back Camera

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