How to Add Amazon Affiliate link to WordPress Website?

Amazon Affiliate:- Are you a passionate blogger or do you own WordPress website ?

How do you generate traffic to your website ?

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Affiliate marketing is an extravagant money -making startegy used by millionsof website owner .Amazon the most trusted online shopping portal is giving you a great chance to earn by adding the Amazon affiliate link to your WordPress website .If you want earn this way have a sneak peek at the essential notes and steps

Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the best easiest platform to build your website .you can eaither build an e-commerce site,a blogging site or a site in an any niche and WordPress itself has a lot of themes and other options that are self-explanatory.All you have to do is buy a domain and host it on this easy to use platform

An affiliate link is an external link added by the website owner on this site. Viewers on clicking this link will access a webpage of anather website ,and that website pays this owner a certain prise .This is a form of affiliate marketing.

In our context Amazon pays the website owner when the site owner adds an affiliate link that leads the user to a leading page in the Amazon site.

What are the credentials that one needs to have for adding an Amazon Affiliate Link?

Affiliate links of Amazon can be added on a webpage only if the link and the content synchronize together .Having a blog page to add the Amazon link is an extra adventage .You will have to sign up on the Associates central of Amazon .How can one add the Amazon Affiliate link on their web page?

Adding an Amazon link is easy and you can add the link on your WordPress site Following these simple steps

Login into the Associates central of Amazon .you will get a search bar on the page you reach immediately after you login.You can search for relevant to the niche or topic of your website content or blog .

You will get a list of the products link closely related to your search.

The search results you get are nothing but the link builders .You can choose one of theme and link it to a text pharse of your sites content .You can also link it to an image on your site ,but simultaneously not to both .

A box appears on the screen .

Copy paste the text pharse in the space given and click on the button Highlight HTML.

Anather tap opens up and you will have to click the html option to check if your link is created.

This will take you to anather task page and show you your created link if it is successfully created.

Try creating an Amazon Affiliate Link and add it to your WordPress site.

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