Jio IQL Quiz Answers – Answer and Get a Chance to Win Free 1GB Jio Data

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Jio Iql Quiz Answers,Jio iql quiz,jio quiz answers

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Jio IQL Quiz Answers:-

Questions may differ to every user so Search your question in google and gave all answer correctly.

Jio IQL Quiz Answers 9th May:-

Q1:- Who was the First Indian to Make to the cover of Time Magazine?

Answer:- Mahatma Gandhi

Q2:- In which Indian jail would you find wards named after Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli?

Answer:- Tihar Jail

Q3:- Which of the following organisation’s logo was created by M S Sethi?

Answer:- Election Commission of India

Q4:- Where was India’s first and only floating post office inaugurated in August 2011?

Answer:- Srinagar

Q5:- Born as Ramchandra Panduranga Yawalkar, which leader’s first name means ‘General’?

Answer:- Tatya Tope

Q6:- The Battle of Surat was fought in 1664 between Mughals and which other kingdom?

Answer:- Marathas

Q7:- Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas is the only voter from which location, for whom a special polling booth is setup during every election?

Answer:- Banej

Q8:- The famous battle of Kohima was fought in which year?

Answer:- 1944

Q9:- Born Mohan Makhijani, but famously known as MacMohan this hindi character actor passed away in 2010. What famous role did he play in the film Sholay?

Answer:- Samba

Q10:- If the British Government Honours for Hindus was Rao Bahadur, and for Sikhs was named Sardar Bahadur, what was the honor for Muslims and parsis called?

Answer:- Khan Bahadur

Jio IQL Quiz Answers 8th May:-

Q1:- Which popular Indian show started as a way of introducing meditation and yoga to its young audience to strengthen the seven Chakras of the body through Kundalini Yoga thereby becoming a superhuman?

Answer:- Shaktiman

Q2:- Which gifted genius’ encounter of the book ‘A Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics’ by GS Carr at a young age of 16 is generally acknowledged as a key element in awakening the genius of this man ‘who knew infinity’?

Answer:- Srinivasa Ramanujan

Q3:- Which political leader authored the book ‘My Country, My Life’, and was born in Karachi?

Answer:- LK Advani

Q4:- What was started on the recommendation of the Macaulay committee in 1922?

Answer:- UPSC

Q5:- Which Indian organization’s commercial and marketing arm is quite fittingly named the Antrix Corporation?

Answer:- ISRO

Q6:- Which infamous and controversial per s was born in a Marathi family and was brought up as a girl, having his nose pierced with a nose-ring which gave him the nickname everyone knows him by?

Answer:- Nathuram Godse

Q7:- Which popular character’s Indian version is the character of a simple boy named Pavitr Prabhakar who moves to Mumbai with his Aunt Maya and Uncle Bhim, befriends the popular girl in his school Meera Jain and fights a local crime lord named Nalin Oberoi?

Answer:- Spiderman

Q8:- According to the Vayu Purana, which river flows through Kurukshetra?

Answer:- Drishadvati

Q9:- Which Indian state attained statehood on 21st January 1927?

Answer:- Tripura

Q10:- Who was the first governor of united province of Independent India and was INC president from 1925 to 1926?

Answer:- Sarojini Naidu

Jio IQL Quiz Answers 6th May:-

Answer Set 1:-

1. Q:- The Gorkha Regiment in the Indian Army was formed during the World War. It Mostly comprises of People of the Gorkha Tribe based in which country?

Ans:- Nepal

2. Q:- Kalidas Samman is an award given out in the field of Arts by which State Government?

Ans:- Madhya Pradesh

3. Q:- Where in India Next Kumbh Mela Scheduled to be held in 2021?

Ans:- Haridwar

4. Q:- Which rock music group was founded in 1990 in Delhi and is known for its album like Jhini and Kandisa?

Ans:- Indian Ocean

5. Q:– Which dessert made with Vermicelli forms part of a disrepute metaphor in India? Ans:- Falooda

6. Q:- Which handcrafted leather chappals from Maharashtra have a geographical indication tag in their honour?

Ans:- Kohlapur Chappal

7. Q:- Which member of Akbar`s Navaratna was the Finance Minister of Mughal empire during his region?

Ans:- Todarmal

8. Q:- After having lost to which Mughal king did the Tomar dynasty from Gwalior present them with the majesty diamond Kohinoor?

Ans:- Humayun

9. Q:- The Treaty of Allahabad was signed in 1765 between Mughal Ruler Shah Alam and what other person, giving a company rights to collect taxes from indian states?

Ans:- Robert Clive

10. Q:- Which scenic train bridge that connects the town of Mandapam and Rameswaram was opened in 1914 and was the longest sea bridge in India till 2010?

Ans:- Pamban Bridge

Answer Set 2:-

1. Sports

2. Modak

3. Pune

4. Ranbeer Kapoor

5. Gujrat

6. Pumpkin

7. Telangana

8. Dupatta

9. Kabaddi

10. Andaman and Nikobar

Jio IQL Quiz Answers 4th May:-

1. Sandalwood

2. One Rupee

3. Milkha Singh

4. Sardar Patel Stadium

5. Amartya Sen

6. 250

7. Vikramaditya

8. Aurangabad

9. Meghalaya

10. Tata Airlines

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