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Oyo Q Shake & Win QuOyo Q Quiz Answeriz Answer 11 Feb 2020 –

Q:- The name ‘India’ is derived from the name of which of the following rivers?

Answer: Indus

Oyo Q Shake & Win Quiz Answers 8th February 2020:-

Q:- The largest Indian State by area is –

Answer:- Rajasthan

Oyo Q Shake & Win Quiz Answers 7th February 2020:-

Which of the following is known as ‘

The French Riviera of the East’?


Oyo Q Shake & Win Quiz Answers 6th February 2020:-

Q:- What is the Yarlung Zangbo river known as in India?

Answer:- Brahmaputra

Oyo Q Shake & Win Quiz Answers 5th February 2020:-

Q:- The first electric train of India ‘Deccan Queen’ was run between which cities?

Answer:- Kalyan and Pune

Oyo Q Shake & Win Quiz Answers 1st February 2020:-

Q:- The ‘Golconda Fort’ is located in which Indian state?

Answer:- Telengana

Oyo Q Shake & Win Quiz Answers 31st January:-

Q:- Which city is known as the ‘Electronic City of India’?

Answer:- Bangalore

Oyo Q Shake & Win Quiz Answers 30th January 2020:-

Q:- The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from which ancient scripture?

Answer:- Mundak Upanishad

Oyo Q Shake & Win Quiz Answers 29th January 2020:-

Q:- How many ‘Must See Monuments’ have been identified by the Archaeological Survey of India?

Answer:- 138

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