Apply Citibank Credit Card Online || Why You Should Get a CitiBank Credit Card?

CitiBank Credit Card:- A credit card is a convenient financial product that is widely used by people worldwide. In modern days carrying cash or a limit value, the debit card brings so much trouble, With extra charges.

citibank credit card
But in case of credit card, It is used for everyday purchases as well as for buying large-value items. Beyond convenience, credit cards come with many perks and benefits. When used responsibly, credit cards can be valuable tools for earning rewards, traveling, managing financial emergencies, building credit, and more.

There are various companies Citibank credit cards but differ from other Citi banks brings his credit card with companies zero profit but 100% satisfaction of customers.

citibank credit card


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How to Apply For CitiBank Credit Card:-

  1. Click Here to go to the CitiBank Website- Click Here.
  2. Fill all the Details carefully and Get your credit card easily.
  3. Apply for a Citi credit card between 14th July 2020 to August 31st, 2020 (both days
  4.  Spend INR 5000 with your new Citi credit card within 60 days of card issuance
  5. Get Amazon Gift Card worth INR 1000

Welcome Benefits:-

Citi bank credit cards offer Welcome Benefits in the form of vouchers, coupons, and even discount on movie tickets, travel bookings, bonus reward points, memberships, and more.

*Apply for a Citi Credit Card & get an Amazon Pay Gift Card worth ₹ 1000 on spends of ₹ 5000 in 60 days of card issuance
Get benefits worth Rs 3,300+ in the first year

*Rs 2400^ on movies, telephone & utility bills

Rs 950** on other spends.

*No annual fees shall be charged on spend of 30,000 ina membership year.

Why You Should Get a CitiBank Credit Card?

1.Secure alternative to cash:

Carrying cash everywhere comes with a risk of loss or theft. In such an event, there is not much you could do to recover the loss. However, a credit card can be hotlisted to avoid its misuse

2.Financial Emergencies:

Whether it is a medical emergency or an urgent cash requirement, credit cards seem to be a convenient option as they provide instant cash against credit which can be paid at a later date

3.Reward Points
Citi bank credit cards offer reward points on the transactions you make. These Reward Points can be redeemed for items, vouchers or cashback. Some credit cards also offer accelerated rewards.

*5% cashback on a monthly spend of Rs 4000, capped to Rs 100 per month
*0.5% cashback on a monthly spend of Rs 16000
Benefits rounded down to the nearest fifty.

**Rs 2350 and Rs 600 on spending Rs 7000 and Rs 18000 every month at apparel / department stores
(10 points / Rs 125) and other spends (1 point / Rs 125) respectively.

Cashback value per point – 0.35 paise. Benefits rounded down to nearest fifty

4.Fuel Surcharge Waiver:

Citi bank offers a fuel surcharge waiver to credit cardholders when they spend a specific amount of money on fuel every month. The fuel points are later converted into free fuel.

*Here you can get up to 71 liters of free fule in the first year.

*Rs 1600,Rs 950,Rs 1100 on spending Rs 5000,Rs 6000,Rs 14000 every month on fuel.
*Grocery and other categories respectively. 4 turbo points / Rs 150 spent on Fuel, 2 turbo point / Rs 150
spent on Grocery and 1 turbo point / Rs 150 spent on other categories.
*Cashback value per turbo point – Rs 1. Benefits rounded down to the nearest fifty.
5.Travel Benefits:

Citi Bank Credit card offer travel benefits to the customers. Travel benefits include air miles, airport lounge access, travel insurance, airline offers, hotel offers, etc.

Here’s how you can earn benefits worth Rs. 19,000+ in the first year.
*On spends of Rs 6000 every month on airline spends at premier miles website (10 miles / Rs 100).
*On spends of Rs 54000 every month on travel and other spends (4 miles / Rs 100).
Cashback value per point – 0.45 paise. Benefits rounded down to the nearest fifty.

So hurry, click on this & get a Citi Bank Credit card.


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